What people say

  • " Mellow Parenting has provided me with a great insight into ways in which parents can manage their child's behaviour. There are approaches we have discussed which I have never thought of before "
  • "Enjoyed training – level of trust built quickly in training group .
    Good modelling of important skills for parent group facilitators"
  • "Overall very useful, clearly showing how MP can meet the needs of a specific group. I can see this fitting in well alongside other parenting programmes in the borough"
  • "I feel I have learned vast knowledge that I will take away with me. Thank you very much!"
  • The Mother was initially reluctant to attend Mellow Babies however absolutely loves the programme and now looks forward to attending each week. She is implementing the strategies learned on the programme at home and since beginning the programme her confidence and self-esteem has increased dramatically ..

Parenting and relationship programmes

Mellow Parenting is a family of parenting and relationship programmes developed to support parents and their children in making good relationships.

The foundation of all the programmes is attachment theory with particular emphasis on the transmission of attachment and relationship styles across generations. So, if you have had poor relationships with carers in your early childhood, evidence shows that it is harder to make good relationships now, with services, partners and of course your children.

Going Mellow Brochure

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Mellow Parenting is a Scottish based charity but its programmes are delivered in a number of international countries including Iceland, Russia, New Zealand, Germany and Tajikistan.


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